Dog Walking  
Johnson County Barking Club LLC offers dog walking services in Johnson County and the surrounding areas including Lees Summit, Overland Park, Leawood, Lenexa, Olathe, Shawnee, Mission Hills, Plaza area and so on.   Please call if there are any questions about whether we service your area.
Johnson County Barking Club LLC dog walking service is an individualized 30 minute walk for each pet.   Some clients choose mid-day but we do morning and evening daily visits too.   We offer dog walking services 7 days a week also.   If you have multiple dogs they can be walked together but your dog will never be walked with a unknown dog from another household.  
Each dog walk allows time for bathroom, exercise and attention.  Dogs walked on a regular basis have better health and social skills.   The dogs also get very excited in anticipation of our arrival and come to expect the routine.  This service works very well with potty training younger pups and with older dogs who need a break every so often.  
Upon our first visit you will receive a dog walking journal.  We just ask that you keep it somewhere we can always have access to it.   Johnson County Barking Club LLC will write in it every day to tell you how your pet did, if we noticed any health issues,  and what may need to be done for them when you return home.  It is a great communication tool and we recommend that you write back about schedule changes, behavior changes, or anything else that is pertinent.  

$15.00 per visit/day. Rates for whole house.

Johnson County Barking Club  LLC

Got a puppy or old dog that needs to learn new tricks? 

Try our  WALK AND LEARN program. 

Add $10.00/walk to learn basic obedience tricks including sit, down, stay, no-pull leash walking, and more! ​