Doing a service industry means we are invited into homes on a daily basis.  I am always shocked when I see somebody who has allowed the dog, usually small, to just potty where ever it likes for years.   This is so unhealthy to live in and it CAN be changed…    ….albeit with some hard work!

Most dogs just get off to a bad start and don’t ever get the correct set up for success.  The most common issue is whether you believe the dog needs to be kenneled or not.  Kennels will not harm your dog, especially if it is the correct size for them.  Kennels help potty training by restricting access to the whole house.  If they have several rooms to roam around in they will treat one area as the bathroom and use the rest to hang out, sleep, eat in.   Since most dogs will not potty where they do other things a kennel encourages them to hold it.

Next biggest issue I see a lot is unrealistic expectations.   A 12 week puppy is only capable of holding his bladder for 3-4 hours maximum.  So if you work an 8 hour shift and have half hour commutes to get there you can bet on the puppy needing out twice!  This is not the puppy’s fault.   By only arranging one let out for the little guy you are asking for an accident…   …and you will likely get one.   Soon enough he will grow bigger and be able to hold it longer but he needs nurtured up to that point.  Once accidents start, stopping them is very hard!  This is what dog walking businesses are all about.  This is a lot of their business.  Contact one to help you out so your puppy is off to a good start!

The last thing I see frequently is inconsistency.  Dogs are routine animals.  They love their routines and come to expect certain things in certain orders and even at certain times.  So just because you are off work on Sat and Sun does not mean you should wake up 3 hours later than normal when potty training a dog.  While they are potty training you will have to drag yourself out of bed to take them out like normal.   If your schedule or some special occasion is keeping you from keeping the routine then look into hiring a pet sitter.  Pet sitters work at all hours and could help on weekends, evening, during work, etc.  Just ask.    The routine works in your favor most days of the week so you want them to fall into one.   Sporadic behavior is almost impossible to get a hold of to control.

Tackle these 3 huge issues holding you back and potty training becomes a bit of a breeze.  So many success stories I have seen from small Chihuahuas to large German Shepherds.  All breeds are trainable despite their size.  It’s so worth it to not have to clean up an accident every day as you return from work.  Dogs are so worth the trouble.  You will be paid back in love and affection every day.

potty training puppy