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Johnson County Barking Club LLC is pleased to offer a variety of dog training options for our clients. Dogs are uniquely intelligent creatures that are amazing quick at adapting to various environments and personalities but still, with training, the bond between owner and dog can be taken to a higher level fulfilling for both. Johnson County Barking Club focuses on rewards based training with positive reinforcements. We also focus on training you, the human, the “why” as well as the “how” in training. Once you understand fully why your dog is behaving an unwanted behavior eliminating it is easier than you think.

We offer in home training for a more personalized approach: 913-530-7053

Puppy Basics/Potty Training
  • 1 Session
Specific Issue Training
$75per session
  • As Needed

Energy level can be a huge roadblock to successful training. These programs are designed to help your dog get more out of his walking routine and you more bang for your buck! They can be done in conjunction with a normal dog walking routine or by themselves as a workout circuit.

All prices quoted are for single pet families. If you have a larger situation where more than one pet needs these services please call 913-530-7053 to set up arrangements and get a price quote. We would love to help you build a stronger bond with your pets.