Everyone loves a good party trick and these are 5 fun dog tricks that are easy to learn. We always recommend learning the basic obedience fundamentals first (sit, watch me, recall, etc) as those are more important in day-by-day living. They also assist in forming that initial bond you and fido need to then expand the trick repertoire!

1- Shake

Put dog in sit position – Show dog treat in your hand before closing it in a fist -hold your fist out, palm up, at dog chest level- dog should paw at fist to open. When they do say “shake”, give treat, and attention. Repeat until they “get it”.

2- Backing Up/Reverse

Begin in the “stay” position- take few steps back and then turn and face them- move toward your pup, most will move away from personal space invasion -as soon as they take that first step back add command “back up” and treat and reward.

3- Crawl

Start in the “sit” command, then the “down” command- take treat and put in closed fist in front of his nose, just out of reach – when fido scootches forward to get treat, reward and say the word “crawl”- repeat while slowly moving the treat further and further away so it requires more crawling to get there.

4- Spin

Start in standing position and start with treat by dog’s nose- move treat around the side of dog’s head so it has to turn it’s head to follow it. Keep moving the treat in a circular pattern so the dog has to follow it around- once a full circle is completed treat and reward. Practice repeatedly adding more and more circles.

Take A Bow

Start with dog in standing position- hold treat at tip of dog’s nose and slowly move it downward – once the head is down but hindquarters still up give the dog the treat and reward – repeat these steps and add in the command word “bow”.