Dogs are so transparent it is easy to tell when they are bored out of their mind.   Some, like mine, even do the huge sigh or whine to make sure you are understanding just how boring their life is at that moment.  Below are some solutions to this issue!

#1.  Go on a walk.  Simple solution to a simple problem.  Just get out there and enjoy the sunshine with your pup.  The great thing about dogs is it doesn’t have to be excessively long either.   Our dog walking clients receive 30 or 45 minutes of exercise each day. It is just enough to tire the canine out for a 2-3 hour snooze afterwards.  Multiple walks per day have proven to be better for their metabolism and health in general.  If you are too busy consult a dog walking company like ours near you to help.   The price is cheap enough that it may be worth your while to hire vs taking on that task yourself if you have a busy work day.  Here is a link to our dog walking service:

kong play toy#2.Interactive Toys.   Kongs are a rubber made toy that allow you to stuff treats/food inside of them.  They are made in all sizes (make sure you get the correct size as they could prove a choking hazard) for all breeds of dog.  Some people put kibble bites of dry food in them, some put bones hanging half out/half in.   They sell a filling you can squirt inside them.   A lot of our clients use cheese and  peanut butter.  If you freeze these food items it can take them longer to clean the kong out.  The longer it takes the better in terms of keeping your dog busy.  There are alot of interactive toys out there that make dogs solve a puzzle or outthink the design to receive the treats.  These are perfect for wearing out a highly energetic dog!

#3.  So we covered the physical with walking.  Now attempt to make them sweat by using their brain!  Training with a dog gives you both the bonding experience you may be looking for and dogs use a lot of energy trying to figure out what you want from them and how to please you.  Even if it is something as basic as sit, down, roll over, etc these tricks get their mind and body involved thoroughly and will alleviate the boredom.  You can also go big and try something completely different to really throw them.  Teach them how to “get a drink” from the fridge or “get the newspaper” from the driveway in the morning.   Any trick will do the trick!

Try one or a combination of these 3 options to stave off boredom for you pet.   They will enjoy anything you chose to do with them!