Exercise- Most states are okay right now with you leaving the house to walk your dog. So walk, better yet run, with your dog at least once a day! Take into account your dog’s age and health and what you normally do for exercise before upping the ante though. Brachyechalic dogs (smushed faces i.e. pugs/bulldogs) are not built for running. Older dogs could seriously injure themselves trying to keep pace. Also take into account the outside temperature. Dogs overheat quickly so if you live in an area that gets excessively hot during the day consider running in the early AM or late PM when the sun isn’t out. But if you assess your dog’s situation and all looks good there is nothing stopping you guys from hitting the road.

First things first start by getting your dog to walk correctly. They should walk on one side or the other of you and not be allowed to criss cross behind or in front of you. Use treats initially if necessary and keep them always in the hand of the side you want them to walk on dispersing them slowly as you go.

Next figure out some cue words that will tell the dog when you plan to speed up and slow down. So “hurry up or run” command when you pick up the pace to a jaunt and “hold up or walk” when you slow back down. Now intersperce a few light jog moments during your normal walks until fido gets the idea. Slowly but surely, among the course of multiple weeks, start increasing the speed and length of the running jaunts until you guys hit your desired target. Make sure you carry a water bottle for hydration and take frequent stops for your dog to urinate and do his business.

For the safety of your dog though always watch out for signs that your dog has reached his exercise peak. These would be things like excessive panting, lagging behind repeatedly, or starting to limp. Stop immediately and give your dog time to rest and recover before continuing forward, even at a walking pace.

If you guys figure out you enjoy this exercise bonding ritual there are marathons held year round in various different cities throughout the World that you can run with your dog. Terrific exercise for you and them!