It is unfortunate that alot of common houseplants are a danger for our pets. You can be strategic about placement and consistent on disciplining but there is always a chance even a well behaved pet could have his interest piqued by the wrong plant. Here are a few of our favorites that are safe for your pets so you don’t ever have to worry. Fill up your home with these super attractive and safe for pets options!


The spider plant is among the most adaptable of indoor plants. It can handle low light typically but does best in indirect. When happy little “spiderettes” start offshooting. These can be propogated to create more spider plants. Also cats love to bat and swat at them, an ingrown cat toy!

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These guys have such a unique and interesting look to them they add alot to the conversation. They like full or partial sun and only get to about 4′ indoors.


With it’s vibrant green color and ripple edged, wavy leaves this is a great addition to any household.


Want a carnivorous plant? A Venus Fly Trap is by far the most popular of these. The little traps open and close to trap insects, continually reminding you this plant is alive! If you have a pet that chases flies here is some back up help!


These guys have super attractive silver and green leaves that your house guests will really notice! Indoors they typically only grow to about 6 inches but that gives you alot of little nooks and crannies to put them in.